ISO 21448

ISO21448:2022 is a publicly available specification, for Road vehicles - Safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF).

SOTIF considers unacceptable risks that may arise from inadequacies of the intended functionality (intended function) or from foreseeable use (misuse that is reasonably foreseeable).

The specification is intended to guide appropriate design of the system and verification/validation. To this end, the specification provides guidance on characteristics of the product ("What should it be able to do when it is ready?"), on testing, and also on the product development process ("What should be done to avoid overlooking anything?").

SOTIF (Safety Of The Intended Functionality) is a branch of technical product safety that deals with the hazards of technical systems. The standard ISO 21448 - Road vehicles - Safety of the intended functionality is currently being developed specifically for the automotive sector in order to raise the requirements for a product and the product development process to a uniform standard. SOTIF is thus a part of product safety, which is enshrined in law (albeit very abstractly) in many countries.

One focus of SOTIF is the vague question of how to specify, develop, verify and validate a target function so that it can be considered sufficiently safe.‍