A little more about me

A close Up Portrait shot of Wolfgang Niebel

After my school education and the completion of my compulsory military service, I went on to complete my technical training, in my case an apprenticeship in the skilled trades, and two courses in university.
Already during the second course of studies, quality management visibly emerged as a new discipline and field of activity in the industry, which first generated lively interest in me and then became my profession. I am a convinced Quality Man !

Quality is everywhere and is in everything. To deal with it not only technically, but also philosophically, is what makes it so appealing. To be able to move on every level as for example with the top management, all management levels, up to the skilled worker at the workbench, is challenging and nevertheless also the art, the special required gift.

First in the wood industry - my actual home - and later in various industries, such as mechanical engineering, electrical industry, electronics, vehicle construction, but also craft, trade and service. I have 10 years in employment quality promoted, demanded and lived. After that, I spent more than 10 years as a freelancer in various industries, advising, assessing, auditing and contributing my expertise and know-how. And for the last 10 years, I have been driving the special discipline of quality - known as functional safety - as a freelancer in various industries but mostly in the automotive industry, in development projects.

The central location has always been my home in Hunsrück, in the west of Germany, between the Moselle, Rhine and Nahe rivers. They are down-to-earth here. They are honest and direct here. Competent, capable, simply simple.

Despite all my traveling and living in various places in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, wherever, I have stayed true to that.

Over 40 years now together with my beloved wife, raised 2 boys and both are well advised and on the right path.

I pride myself in that and trust that I can continue to provide good support in the coming projects.

1999  Frankfurt DGQ-Qualitätsmanager / DGQ-Qualitätsauditor (DGQ)
1999  EOQ Quality Systems Manager/ EOQ QualityAuditor (DGQ)
2001  TQM-Assessor (DGQ) 
2022 Assessor (interquality)
2003 ERP-Software Navision (Microsoft); all modules 
2006 APQP & PPAP (DGQ)
2008 Internal Auditor ISO/TS 16949:2002 (Moody international) 
2013 REQB CPRE Foundation Level/ Requirements Engineering (gasq) 
and more…

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payment term: : 10 working days as of invoice date

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There are 3 parameters, which are
Speed, Price, Performance.

The customer can choose 2 of them:
Fast and cheap is not good,
Good and cheap is not fast,
Fast and good is not cheap.

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