The EFQM Model is a globally recognized management framework that helps organizations manage change and improve performance.

The EFQM Model for Business Excellence is an enterprise model that provides a holistic view of organizations. It was developed by EFQM as Europe's response to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which is highly regarded in the United States, and Japan's Deming Prize. It provides guidance to organizations for the establishment and continuous development of comprehensive management systems. Companies use it as a tool to identify and stimulate strengths and areas for improvement based on self-assessments and to improve their business performance.

A revised EFQM model (2nd revised edition 2021) has been in effect since November 2019. It is transforming from a simple assessment tool to one that provides an important framework and methodology to help with the changes, transformations and upheavals that individuals and organizations face every day.

EFQM Model 2020

It is based on the three main criteria:

- Alignment (Approach | Implement | Assess & Improve).
- Purpose, Vision & Strategy
- Organizational Culture & Governance
- Realization (Approach | Implement | Assess & Improve)
- Engage stakeholders
- Create sustainable value
- Drive performance & transformation