SAE J3061

SAE J3061 "Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Vehicle Systems" is published by SAE as a practice guide for vehicle cybersecurity. Issued in January 2016, the standard describes a framework for securing a product throughout its lifecycle (from development to decommissioning/scrapping) and provides an overview of cybersecurity methods through numerous references to other projects.

Key points of SAE J3061 are:

- Key points of a process model that the organization (company) can adapt for itself.
- Presentation of some methods and tools for securing technical systems used in vehicles
- Basic principles of cyber security
- Basis for the development of further standards, which was included in ISO 21434 after publication.

Some methods are derived from ISO 26262 "Functional Safety Road Vehicles", in general there are numerous references to this standard.

When these connections are shown, we recognize the close interlocking of the disciplines "Functional Safety" and "Cyber Safety", despite different objectives and focus.


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