Where is the ship sailing?

Oct 2022

A big sailing boat on the ocean during sunset

The Internet is on the one hand a blessing, on the other hand a curse!

A vast amount of information allows one to gain insight, but on the other hand, it poses the challenge of correctly classifying all the information and putting the puzzle together.

- officially, the evil Putin has turned off our gas taps, on the other hand he wants to realize the gas supply via Turkey
- the evil Putin has blown up his gas pipeline, so the official version of the media, on the other hand he cannot have any interest in it, if you think it through logically
- officially we have a shortage of gas in winter and all have to freeze and the economy is going down, on the other hand there are >30 gas tankers off the coast of Spain at the moment and they can't unload because the gas storage facilities and pipelines are full and can't take anything anymore
- on the one hand, we have to keep the nuclear power plants running, according to the CDU and FDP (okay, they have always been more concerned about getting a well-paid supervisory board position or lobby post after their political career than about taking care of the problems; they are so corrupt that even the Mafia shakes its head), - on the other hand, experts say that the little bit of electricity they produce does not make much difference in the supply - do we actually have a gas supply problem or an electricity supply problem now?
- on the one hand we want to become more and more independent in energy supply, on the other hand the efforts and financial incentives for this are reduced (yes, by the Green Party; okay, they are only called Green anymore, they have nothing to do with the former eco-party anyway)
- on the one hand, all governments emphasize how bad the war in Ukraine is and that it must be ended as soon as possible, on the other hand, no diplomatic efforts are made for it, on the contrary, it is still heated up verbally and additionally "fanned fire "and so on, and so on,....

How should someone deal with it?

Is here not rather the question after the large whole interesting and appropriate? what have the so-called "Großkopferten" really before?

Who makes himself here once again at the expense of the people the pockets full?

Aren't the social-romantic wishes and ideas of "everybody is nice" and "everybody should be fine" hopelessly outdated by now?

Isn't another world war possibly the only way to quickly fix a multitude of problems? And aren't the think tanks of the big governments already thinking about it?

The more I think about it, the more I come to the only logical answer: YES!
Sorry for that