Where will the journey go?

Jun 2022

A vintage backpack and suitcase sitting on the floor

a multiplicity of information trundles in at the moment almost daily and contributes to the general confusion

there are the warlike conflicts of the Russian bear and the whole driss, which is connected with it like Latvia - Kaliningrad, Sweden & Finland - NATO, armament & new cold war

but also the ottoman Seppl Erdogan, who wants to start stress with the Greeks, but also with NATO, to push his re-election

but also the US-American cowboy, who is now massively increasing the prime rates at an unprecedented pace, in order to bring the rest of the world, especially China, into economic difficulties and to consolidate his leading economic role.

but also the ECB, at the top of which vassals of the US-American banks have been sitting for quite some time now and making anti-European policies (quote Mr.Dax/ Dirk Müller: "... I don't take Lagarde seriously anymore"; I can only support this)

but also the economic bubble in China, which will burst soon (all financial market experts predict this)

but also the inflation

the stagflation

the economically hard times, which are ahead of us

but also the still not noticeably addressed problems with climate change, which will pose tasks and problems, in which the unprecedented economic crisis of 2023 to 2025 will seem like kindergarten to us (yes, okay, is again glass ball, unfortunately, my forecasts are always correct, can this maybe times not be so, please).

We have no plan to successfully switch to the mobility of the future, which would have to be massively pushed by our "showcase" automotive industry; after all, they are directly affected. (Well, the top leaders of these companies are only at most 3rd choice and not really capable, but that's just my personal opinion).

A ray of hope could be Habeck, although I'm never quite sure whether he's just a gifted rhetorician or really puts his heart and soul into what he says.

Well, we will see and we will have to endure it. So keep your clothes together is the motto at the moment. Good luck!‍