Why is it so hard?

Aug 2022

A man sitting in front of a laptop looking with a confused and comical expression into the camera

I was upset, but I didn't want to be.

I had imposed on myself not to get upset anymore, because I think it's stupid and unhealthy. Honestly.

In ELSTER we entered the data for property tax in forms. Oh man, why can't something like that be programmed in a customer-oriented way? It's not hard at all! I just had to think with the other person's head.

You have to want it, and I have my doubts whether the programmers are really interested in making life easier for the user.

Malice comes to mind!

Arrogant, decadent malice with intent!

I now imagine to be versed with such IT constructs and databases; to have an idea how they are "built" and also I had difficulties to understand what is required in each case in terms of information in the fields.

Logical links → missing

Good explanations → missing

Logical sequence of database fields in the masks → missing

The programmer(s) are beginners, bunglers, incompetents - I already know that much.

And they surely got a lot of money for it (state treasury just, they have it; WRONG: this is MY tax money).

So you superheroes, give me a wide berth, because I'm a village kid from the country and we know places where even Google can't find you.‍