Doing the right thing from the start

Jan 2021

Business man with checkbox and 5 star rating

Where are the problems and their causes in the companies?

Why is the same nonsense being made and repeated in almost all companies?

Actually, the answers are quite simple:

- Tool faith: unfortunately many persist in the belief that with a powerful tool the work is already done; unfortunately also many managers.

- Wrong start: work results are started before necessary preparation of the work has been done.

- Flawlessness: basically it is assumed that directly the first throw will achieve a perfect result; at most a little fine-tuning is allowed.

- Team composition: there are no more professionals; too many experts, ne'er-do-wells, self-confident steam talkers dominate the scene.

Yes, now it's time to start complaining again. Noooo, it's not like that, not with us/me. I will know and be able to judge that. We have never had that before, we have never done it that way.

Ergo - for hundreds of years nothing at all has changed (that's why I don't believe in enlightenment or something like that anymore).

As an old craftsman, who has learned his trade from scratch, I can clarify my above theses quite quickly:

- Even if the carpenter owns the best hand plane in the world, the planer blade is freshly sharpened and accurately honed - without the ability to use this tool and without practice with the tool, the board will not be angled and straight and smooth. Right? Agreed?

- Okay, we can do that with the hand plane, let's say. So quickly bring the board and let's start planing. Done.  - - Oh, okay, different dimensions, different type of wood, oohh. Only before sufficiently thinking, how the result should look, leads to the desired result.

- We have now found out the desired shape, a hemisphere. Darn, straight boards I have already planed and made dozens of times; almost perfect, repeated, but ne hemisphere? So new methods, knowledge, skills, tools, solutions are necessary, with which there is no experience. With handicrafts, everyone understands - at least those without business studies - that this is not possible. We have to practice. Practicing means making mistakes. So to expect and accept incomplete, bad, wrong results, that is part of the way. And if a method does not work - even if it was suggested by the "boss" - it must be changed after the third failed attempt at the latest.

- But experts are professionals, I can already hear objections. NNEEIINN, they are not. Experts know a lot about the connections, can explain everything, are the kings of "theoretically I can do practically everything". Professionals can also implement it, apply it, do it. To stay with the image of the craftsman: Do I know what a hand plane is made of, how the cutting edge of the planing knife has to be shaped and sharpened with all cutting angles etc., and can describe the ergonomics when operating the hand plane - or can I plane a board?  These smart alecks and self-confident steam talkers only want to convince through their appearance, their slogans and posturing - but it is persuasion and not convincing. Convincing is only possible if it works and is done.

A pity is only the old wisdom: "The basic cause is that the stupid are so self-confident and the smart are so full of self-doubt?"