Vanity and ignorance

July 2023

An interesting phenomenon can be observed in recent weeks and months.

In many places, the "yesterday stickers" are fighting with the change-makers for sovereignty in "public" opinion.

Millions and millions are invested in order not to change anything, because their own business models and investments have to be protected. The big corporations are doing a great job.

It is not about changing anything to make it better; it is only about being right. Compromise and consensus are obsolete. Poor Germany.

CO2 footprint, openness to technology, etc. - These are all terms used by the old economy and the big corporations, which are pushed massively in the journals so that they can continue to do business in peace.

They find support in this.

Whether narrow-minded ignoramuses, who are and want to remain ignorant of any facts of science, from the ranks of the CDU, the CSU and the FDP, but also a large number of the Socialists or the Greens, okay the right-wing radicals around the new Eva Braun need not be mentioned, there is no point in mentioning them anyway. Can we perhaps finally ban lobbying or make it so transparent that everyone knows who is paying the MPs afterwards (or maybe even before - Lindner, Spahn, ...)?


honourable, old men (yes, also women) who have fought for an image and recognition over the past decades and are now afraid of becoming irrelevant - like the so-called engine pope, for example, with his announcements about the continued existence of combustion engines, of course he has to say something like that. It's just that he has no idea about the new and now he's afraid of no longer being asked, of no longer being in the limelight. The old man. Why doesn't he sit down in his garden, have a nice cup of coffee with his mistress and let the young people do it? Then we would finally be able to make some progress.


the whole bunch of journalists who, without any scruples or research, allow themselves to publish utter nonsense about anything and everything in the journals. Constantly copying from others, brainless and with the completely idiotic self-assurance of being the better and smarter anyway. Can we please introduce that spreading lies will be rewarded with a quarry of not less than 10 years?


the average Joe who doesn't even bother to do his own research; to ask questions, to doubt, to think logically, to question, to combine, to use his brain - well, these are all cultural techniques that are almost extinct here in Germany. We need enlightenment, urgently!

And then everyone wonders why the right-wing radicals around the new Eva Braun, the governor of Blackrock or the populist with the brown lederhosen get the upper hand.