Uncertainty or a start?

June 2024

My prediction of a shift to the right was once again correct, as the results of the European elections show. The trend can be observed not only in Germany but also elsewhere and - if you try to analyse it and draw logical conclusions from it - you can see that this trend will continue.

Conservatives everywhere are getting the whole country into a mess because they are still clinging to old wisdom and are unable to recognise, adapt or at least react to new methods, contexts and behaviour. Unfamiliar with science, completely ignorant of facts, they continue to act as they always have: "We've always done it this way!" every halfway thinking contemporary declares as outdated and backward; but when it comes to political decision-makers, it is precisely those who argue in this way who are elected. If the socialists, the Greens or other modern designers are then at the helm, who want to remedy the stagnation and bring the dilapidated, run-down infrastructure back into shape, this is not possible without "sacrifice", i.e. effort, investment and labour. The corrupt conservatives then accuse them of this again.

Oh dear, corrupt, why this unfounded accusation? I hear it immediately.

Well then, if I only act in a one-sided way, if I talk after the mouths of those who support me the most (with money, called donations) and only allow them to benefit, what do we call that?

If I act like this as a politician, that is simply the definition of corrupted and corrupt. Full stop. (This is independent of political colour, by the way)

Okay, back to the topic.

So why do people vote this way when it's the worst alternative for them?


Quite simply fear.

It's the most prominent leadership tool the Conservatives have had for decades. That has been the core DNA of the CDU/CSU from the very beginning - fear. (since I can think politically, and that's almost 5 decades now, the black-brown people have always acted the same way; okay, denunciation is also part of it; okay, lies are also part of the DNA; okay, they probably invented populism). If you look at how Merz and Söder are acting today, with the verbal juries with which they both distinguish themselves, it is strongly reminiscent of the decadent, self-absorbed arrogance of Franz von Papen and Kurt von Schleicher.

Fear thus drives voters into the octopus-like tentacles of the populists and the eternally strict.

If you want to break through this, the only thing that can help is education, making people smart and self-determined, able to think for themselves. But this is not happening, and nobody wants it to happen. On the contrary: fake news (see Trump in the USA), social networks flooded with bullshit news and propaganda everywhere are doing exactly the opposite. As behaviours and methods from the USA always establish themselves here in Europe with a 10-year delay (my dad already talked about it, and that was 50 years ago; RIP, I have to agree with you once again), anyone can imagine what we are facing here in Europe.

My prediction for the next general election in Germany: the CDU/CSU will not be able to govern alone, the Greens do not want to form a coalition with the Conservatives, the Yellows are not even represented in the Bundestag, the Reds do not want to repeat the mistake of a grand coalition, the Pinks are only marginally represented, the Purples - the disciples of Saint Sarah - do not want to form a coalition, so that leaves only the Blues (Browns) and the highly-hyped firewall will fall. Faster than the voters can see, von Papen-Merz and the equally unspeakable von Schleicher-Söder have talked away all concerns and brought the blue Nazis back into the Bundestag.

It is therefore not uncertainty, it is the beginning. The beginning of the next dark era in Europe.

Well, and von Papen/ von Schleicher was in 1933. Mussolini and Meloni sound pretty similar (1936). Perhaps German-Italian co-operation could then be used to support Spanish "colleagues" (VOX) again (also in 1936). The only new aspect this time would be the alliance with France (LePen).

The only thing missing now is a common goal, which will not be Russia, because they all have a close relationship with Russia in common - in Italy not directly Meloni, but their coalition partners in any case; in France LePen, even if they do not publicly trumpet it; in Germany the brown party of the AfD in any case and let us remember by means of Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2 that the CDU/CSU has massively expanded and supported dependence on Russia, i.e. despite all the prophecies of doom they are still close to Putin. Denials from this side have always been smoke and mirrors.

So it will be an exciting time until, let's say, 2027 and then there will be war on the Eurasian continent again. (It's also in the interests of the big players USA, China and even a bit of India)

So every halfway intelligent citizen of Europe/Germany should get themselves to safety and start thinking about alternatives.