Strange vibe here everywhere

Jan 2022

A business man breakdancing on the Office table

strange times

is so unusual


                                                              hmmm, how does that

already strange

Isn't that the emotional state of the last weeks?

Whether politically, where there is apparently really a rethinking, a new approach, a different culture (if we can call it so) by the multi-color coalition.

This already gives us courage, although we don't want to/can't believe it yet, but also hope.

It is definitely different.

It occurs to me: I know that if things are to get better, they have to be different.

But don't know if it will be better if it becomes different.

But the general uncertainty also speaks for the beginning of disruption.

Industry and business actually agree with proposals from the Social Democrats and the Greens - upside-down world, you think, but it's the new normal.


Whether socially, where it (again) drives many on the street to protests. No matter now, how the topic is called and what is right or wrong there (there is more gray, than black and white in this world), alone the fact that, is for me an indication of the change.

As if someone would have gotten the stolid, (self)satisfied, full, lazy German citizens out of their chairs some time ago.

If this now turns into a commitment to the community and the neighbor - away from everything cheap, cheap and egomaniacal me-me-me; yo that would be cool.

(I hope there quite fervently on this, our youth; that they are smarter and more reasonable than the cohorts of the 60s, 70s and 80s).                        
                             Hey, du NESTBESCHMUTZER !

Whether economically, where for example a CEO of Blackrock raises the voice for startups that are sustainable and socially committed. And he earns money with it in the future, a lot of money (I guess).

It really makes sense to think long-term again and to act and think like the shirt-sleeved boss of the family business who built up the business and invested his heart and soul.

What is such a pathetic CEO of whatever-it-is store; who as an employee makes an entrepreneur. Some business graduate, lawyer or other snoot who wants to have eaten the wisdom with spoons, but does not invest himself personally. He lacks the essence of an entrepreneur → risk.

The risk of losing something or even everything. Always nicely hedged. And if it drives the others into the shit.... ritet, freshly smartened up and goes home with a fat wallet. PFUI, I just say, PFUI.

And that's exactly who everyone admires, ooohh, he made it, oohhh, he's important, ooohh, he's great.

NO, he is not!

And this view is changing right now.

And rightly so!

We should finally leave this mediocrity behind.‍