March 2023

I have already spoken on the subject of "value"; respect as a value has a special significance - at least for me.

And it is precisely this that I am visibly missing.

Respect is not just a value, but an attitude, a mindset, a philosophy of life.

I'm not talking about any kind of attitudes towards race, religion, origin, gender and whatever else is being discussed and argued about in the mainstream bubble.

For me, it's about normal togetherness, how we deal with each other, interpersonal behavior.

It is these many little things that make me think, that bother me, but that also change me (whether for the better remains to be seen).

A few examples?

   Hardly anyone listens or can listen anymore. A terrible bad habit, to comment on every sentence - and that mostly already before it is completely spoken - an I-related comment, to comment on this and to change the content at the same time. Every millisecond of thinking of someone who is just speaking is used to transport the own content, to communicate. Without even having made the attempt to absorb and process what is heard. This shows disrespect for the other person. And this behavior is spreading, regardless of age, education, origin, gender.

   Part of being a freelancer is starting new projects and negotiating contracts in advance. Every time - and I really mean this literally - one of the points of discussion and problem is the payment deadline. I communicate quite clearly that I would like to have this settled within a reasonable time after invoicing, within 2 weeks. So enough time to implement this settlement process. Instead, I get suggestions like "after one month", "within 45 days", "after 3 months", etc.; mostly from salaried employees for whom prompt payment at the end of the month is a given of course (it's schizophrenic, I think). This is disrespectful for me! If now the objection comes, that in the industry between the enterprises such long payment terms are nevertheless the standard, then I request to it a) to think about it again or to try it at least, b) to put the own value system on the test stand and c) a reasonable, comprehensible argument to supply, why a company should wait naturally for the payment - without which this argument is purely ego-centered and egoistic. (Please refrain from any primitive arithmetic from business school. THANKS)

   A way of life different to the own way of life is fundamentally questioned, this egocentric way of thinking I meet more and more. On the basis of which data and facts does somebody get the idea that this is the only true way to arrange his life? So to allow the other to shape his life in a different way is massively questioned, if you turn the tables, it is perceived as presumptuous. Strange, isn't it? Also here the respect is missing from my view fundamentally, from which the (mostly unfounded) elevation of the own ego results.

Whether the development can be stopped or reversed, I don't know. Probably not.

Nevertheless, I hold against it.