Pieces of the puzzle visible

January 2024

a dystopia outlined in the last BLOG, the pieces of the puzzle are increasingly coming together, there is probably a desire in certain circles for a "cleansing thunderstorm".

A disunited and divided Europe is a desired scenario for many players, and a disunited, divided and therefore weak Germany plays into the hands of some of these players.

The Americans have no interest in a strong Europe, nor do Russia and China.

Efforts to weaken or divide Germany are also evident within Europe.

And the efforts within Germany by right-wing extremists and right-wing populists are obvious.

The temporal connections between various actors are certainly interesting, such as the publication by BILD about votes by all parties to abolish diesel subsidies at the very time when AFD efforts to "remigrate" - i.e. deport dissenters and undesirables, whoever and however this is specified - are popping to the surface at a secret meeting. So just at the time when the farmers had just fallen for the populist lies and hostility of the AFD with their "farmers' revolt" and were turning back to their home party, the CxU, following the news of the AFD's secret meeting with far-right Nazis - who were no better to be found on the marketplace with populist slogans - this hope is once again destroyed by such news; the aim behind this is probably that the many "we are the people" bloviating simpletons then think: "Joh, I guess the right-wing extremists weren't any less bad after all. They're just taking the piss and exploiting us all".

And then they're back on track.

Who actually controls the media such as BILD, WELT etc.? It's interesting to look at the CV of this Mr. Döpfner and his network.

So what will happen next?

The farmers will continue to allow themselves to be instrumentalized by the CxU, Rukwied from the farmers' association and the whole crowd in their "farmers' revolt"; they will continue to believe that they are protesting for themselves and a good cause instead of realizing how they are being used; others will jump on the bandwagon through these carnival-like parades and muck around like parasitic freeloaders - by the way: they don't give a shit about the farmers - but the number is now becoming significantly large as a result (the few farmers don't play a big role in elections now, sounds mean, but it is).

Under pressure, the current government will withdraw all measures and will immediately be open to blackmail from any group; the populist opposition from the CxU/ AFD will take this as an opportunity to intensify their divisive slogans and thus cause premature elections - purely out of the desire for power of egomaniacs like Merz and Söder, whose calculations will not work out; Merz and Söder are like von Papen and von Schleicher 92 years ago.

In the new elections, there will be no possible coalitions without the radical right-wing AFD, which would make a majority government possible; so the so-called "firewall" will fall - again out of pure interest in power; especially as the radical part of the CxU is already splitting off and the "Values Union" with the AFD-understander and clandestine Maaßen is ensuring that this closeness is established and prepared. Again, very interesting temporal connections.

So there will once again be a German government with right-wing radicals and Nazis on the government bench.

In the European Parliament, the radical Manfred Weber has worked behind the scenes to ensure that the right-wing nationalist and radical right-wing forces in Brussels come together; there will be a real shift to the right.

Eventful times are ahead of us!