Not so clear

Jun 2022

A multiplug extension socket with a flower growing out of it

On the one hand, the new political signs give us hope that something is changing. Slowly, of course, but something seems to be changing - with how little one can be satisfied in this respect.

The fact that the Green Party are in many respects not a whit better than the Schwatten (Blacks, Conservative Party), forget it; they're all corrupt and only concerned about their own well-being → a basic prerequisite for a politician in Germany.

The Socialists act as if they change, but deep down they are incapable of it, so there is no change, that is certainly like the children's fu... in the Catholic Church.

The next few years will be tough, challenging I think you would say politically correct; honestly, there are signs that will cut off the air for some and whether we have so much coal then on the part of the state / can make free, I dare to doubt.

It becomes disastrous. Unfortunately.

Yes, I now again, once again paint black, yesyesyes. Is just my assessment of the situation and I think it sucks to be right when it comes to predictions of bad things.

I've been thinking for quite some time to pull down all my tents here and retire somewhere in the country - well, I already live in the country, but so even more country, far away from all the people, so to speak - where it's warm. Mostly self-sufficient, let God be a good man and enjoy my remaining days.

In terms of contentment and happiness already a good idea, I think. You don't need much, sorry, I don't need much; back to the roots, downsizing, disposing of the wealth junk and parting with;

just like that;

why not, actually;

would have to convince now only more my beloved, that will be the most difficult.

And the more applies:

Once only with Profi's, that was yesterday;

today already applies, once without idiots!

the more it drives me there.