Major changes are just around the corner

January 2024

The overall situation is becoming increasingly complex, unclear and confused, and everyone is well advised to remain calm and assess and act with the necessary mindfulness.

The number of places with armed conflicts is increasing, changes in the political landscape are happening faster than ever before, leading to political instability that affects neither the economy, public life nor individuals. Uncertainties and imponderables unsettle every individual, and no one, regardless of their position or education, can say they are exempt; that is human.

However, this opens the gates more and more to the "dark forces"; the misanthropists are up to mischief and are making people more and more fearful; irrationality is paving more and more paths to the community; stupidity and loud grumbling can be found more and more in the public arena; and everything together is once again giving rise to doubts about humanity.

There was already a BLOG about nationalism and patriotism a year ago; now democracy as a whole is in danger.

The blue-brown danger is real, this year - I am sure of it - the first federal state will see a right-wing radical, national socialist, anti-democratic majority in an election and the much-vaunted firewall, which the rinds like to paint as a picture, will crumble and ultimately fall. Egocentrics and egotists like Merz, Söder and the like will push aside all concerns purely for the sake of power and then join in the evil game again with thousands of excuses - incidentally, exactly the same tragedy as 80-90 years ago, in the same places, with the same protagonists; only the names and faces are different.

Adolf H_öcke and his Eva Braun-Weidel will not let up in their efforts to further their goals of destroying democracy.

And we can see just how efficiently this Nazi troupe is once again harnessing the masses to their cause with the "farmers'" protests and the "general mobilization" against the current government. The incitement against their own people in power was exactly the same pattern in 1930 (von Papen, von Schleicher).

Blue-brown and black-brown colluding behind the scenes, fueled and controlled from overseas, to drive Europe into a destructive war with the Russians, that was the story; it's kind of deja vu, isn't it?

So in 2025 we will see a warlike confrontation between NATO and Russia; it will be exciting to see how other warmongers in the world from the Muslim world, China and the African continent will behave.

Sorry, but I see this so gloomily, as the industry is also acting with massive restraint at the moment, although all the parameters would actually suggest the opposite. There are elections coming up in the US, which will be even closer than last time, which will lead to massive upheavals in domestic politics - not exactly a civil war now, but we will see turbulent scenes. If the Americans are then preoccupied with themselves, NATO will probably have to take responsibility as a community here on our continent. And the Russian "leader" already stated in the 1990s that the disintegration of the USSR was the biggest mistake from his point of view and that he would correct this (since then we have already known where the journey is going; and this is exactly what I accuse our diplomats in the West of being absolutely incapable or deliberately unwilling to prevent or defuse).

So what remains to be done is to stand firm against the right-wing radicals here in this country and to keep pointing out what the overriding goal of these misanthropes is; to call everyone by name who allows themselves to be harnessed to this cart and to spread a positive mood against the fears that are exploited and lead to this kind of behavior in the first place.