Last impressions

Dec 2021

Christmas miniature toys on a beach getting washed by a wave

Well, that's it;

so 2021 - soon we have made it.

I just have a dejavu - a year ago - I also thought and said that;

but when I said, wait and see, the next one will be even worse - my loved ones didn't want to hear it. So'n crap, that I am always right.

2022 - let's say so, worse is always possible and with the whole mess in politics and economy concerning pandemic (or epidemic?), globalization, disruption, stress between nations etc. etc.


we are still far from being through, for that a few have too great an interest in the overall situation.

The virus will be with us until 2025, I say.

The bottlenecks in resources - whether material or human/ knowhow - that will hold us back for the whole decade! or back? will present us with new challenges! will give us impetus for new things?

Decisive things will change, radically change - that is, the previous things will be completely gone, the future things will be added; for some not nice (who live well from the previous), for others great (who then live well from the future). But this takes a bit longer - not for everything, some changes are quick, others use a gentler process - I'd say until 2040.

Disruption remains: the people who worked in agriculture at the beginning of the last century - and there were quite a few of them, until the 50s/60s - they don't exist anymore, not as people, but as an occupation, a job, a profession, a livelihood.

Although I have been predicting for some time that there will be a renaissance of the craft.

That is, not these would-be craftsmen who try to sell you some industrial products in a more or less intelligent way and install them.

So craftsmen who have learned from scratch, who have a craft honor, who create solutions with intuation and the desire for beauty, art-like with enthusiasm for the handwork.

The stress between nations continues, whether it is USA, China, Russia, Turkey and all the other little egomaniacs who are currently running the fortunes of nations.

The Yanks continue to run their agenda no matter who is there in the white house.

And they will continue to cause stress all over the world, that has to do with their ideology, the socialization of the Yanks; it is and remains a nation that continues to live and think according to ideals from the past. And they will not change, not in this first half of the century.

The Russians - or no, there must be clearly distinguished between political caste and the people (in contrast to Yank country) -, so the Russian politicians can not come to terms with their new role in the world (and this can take time, as can be seen beautifully in the British; they still believe that they are a world power, so in terms of Commonwealth and naval power and colonial power and so).

Over the centuries, China has always been careful to remain outside the conflicts and disputes and wars. With globalization, however, the egomaniacs and egocentrics have moved into politics there, too, who are now on an expansion course and are doing exactly the same nonsense as the Western world. It is not at all about the good living together and the global progress in the sense of the Enlightenment.

It is quite trivially like since millennia about the question, who has the biggest tail!

And in the worst case these "tail comparators" just send thousands of people to kill other people - this is called then war.

In the war people meet, who do not know each other but fight against each other

at the behest of people who know each other but do not fight each other.

The hope that proxy wars like the ones in Ukraine, on the African continent, in the Pacific Ocean and maybe also in South America (Chile) will not expand to a worldwide threat and slaughter, this hope remains. And there I assume 50/50, so until the year 2035.