complicated versus complex

Mar 2022

A man sitting in front of a wall that is covered in mathematical and physical equations

have you ever thought about it?

what is complicated or simple? and what is complex then?

a man sitting in front of a wall with mathematical and sci fi formulas written on them

Again and again these terms are used, lively mixed and the fewest are aware of the difference.

As the whole SCRUM disciples and experts, AGIL fetishists at the question give me only big questioning eyes.

If they would at least make the effort to read the agile manifesto, it's not long, not to mention understanding it.

simple → task and solution are known and I only have to apply the proven solution, i.e. repeat it.

complicated → task is known, solution is known from similar tasks and can be adapted; several simple tasks must be combined and there are controllable dependencies.

complex → task is known but variable or not completely known, solution cannot be adapted, but must be rethought; there are unknown dependencies and/or unknown changes of parameters.

The greater the degree of unknownness, the faster the reaction to change, the less can be planned or predicted.

Those who target simple or complicated tasks with agile methods are also hunting lions with a knife and fork.

This is exactly what I encounter in the projects, the departure from the V-model (is nothing other than the waterfall model, just with a kink) because there are problems everywhere in the project (the cause of which, however, can be found to 99% in consistency and discipline, tell someone). And AGIL is then the savior. Then we introduce Jira and the tool solves all problems. Would be too good to be true.

In the past it was only work with professionals,

today it is only work without idiots.