it's time ...

June 2023

The noose is tightening more and more.

Independence, self-employment, entrepreneurship are increasingly frowned upon in Germany.

The social security coffers are empty, the high tax burden for freelancers is still not enough, covetousness is everywhere in the coffers, the politicians, the social lawyers. And since the "lone fighters" have enough to do to "keep the shop running", they don't fight back.

At the same time, they are being thwarted by the banks, and the ordinary workers are giving them the run-around.

But how much longer can this go on?

No matter where I look or ask, the demand for "relocation", as it is called, is exploding everywhere. And we're not talking about other European countries, because Brussels is also out to kill off the freelancers.

Although the German state has meanwhile erected almost insurmountable hurdles for entrepreneurs to leave this country, there will be a veritable extinction of the freelance guild in Germany in the next few years. Those who can, leave - there are opportunities, always. Where there's a will,... or what was the saying.

With the increasing flexibility of the working world, i.e. home office, this is becoming more and more the case.

Well, I would say, let's pack our bags and ...

Oh yes, the last one turns off the light.