I think stupidity does not die out

Feb 2022

perhaps we can also call it naivety;

However, I do not assume stupidity or naivety on the part of the politicians governing and acting in our country - and here I am talking about Europe, I am a European and see myself as part of the European Union;

I call it intention, calculation, conscious acting, premeditation!

5 bottles in a row with a skull and the words poison written on each.

(before 24.02.2022)
Since I can think and think politically - so for 50 years now, how time flies


- let us in Europe from the US-Americans ...
STOP .... the rulers and decision-makers of the USA, because this is an essential difference


in front of their carts. So when I talk/write about the Americans, I only mean their political cadre and the corporate bosses, just to clarify.

A war on European soil with the result that the European states are at odds and oppose each other out of short-term, egoistic motives viewed through the glasses of a small "land baron" - yes, that would suit the Yanks.

They would earn a lot from it - and let's be honest: if the Yank is playing along, this is the only valid currency, who believes otherwise is naive AND stupid.

The arms industry shouts hurray, the gas frackers can finally throw their expensive, dirty gas on the market at inflated prices.  

...... and the German Michel buys it then of course also, he explained nevertheless straight to the Russian, which we cannot buy from moral view because of the history with the Ukraine its inexpensive gas any longer.

Bullshit; both have nothing to do with each other !

The German government just licks the Yank ass until he is sore -


so both tongue and ass


- the German Michel pays for it with much higher energy prices, the European economy also groans because of it and is no longer so competitive (they always say when there's a little headwind; as if that or a higher minimum wage would be problematic).

Quite deliberately so decided, by the elected representatives and there in particular by the green-tinged reactionaries.  

                                                                                    When do the Green Party actually overtake the CSU on the right?

Where is the peace part of the Alliance 90/The Greens? The demonstrations against Pershing 2 on our Hunsrück heights are still well in my memory.

The Yank keeps Europe in dissonance (for him there would be nothing worse than the United States of Europe) and in dependence; every effort in this direction is torpedoed, e.g. Nordstream 2 as marketing gag and pawn;

Just for info Nordstream 1 can pass 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year; Nordstream 2 can also pass 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year; Brotherhood and Soyuz (both go through Ukraine and Czech Republic/Slovakia, Yamal through Belarus and Poland) can pass > 100 billion cubic meters, but currently only 40 billion cubic meters are pumped. So there is still a lot of room for improvement.

So what is the whole story about?

Energy is a great profit machine, not only for the Russians; also the Americans as said, but also the French e.g. want to sell their nuclear power, build new nuclear power plants now - by the way in addition to the massive expansion of renewables.


Since the German Michel

a) is the only one at the moment who takes all the protocols (Kyoto, Paris, etc.) seriously and closes his power plants and really wants to become renewable

b) has a strongly increasing hunger for energy and will have in the future

c) can raise enough liquidity (sometimes I have the impression that the Germans can shit this stuff)

a cake is being redivided here right now, the "German-has-energy-hunger" cake.

And this is not because of the electric car now; whoever thinks it or thought it is naive AND stupid! It moves anyway < 10% of the vehicles at a time, ALL others stand!

Again back to the headline:

in order to consider these different interests thus and to consider, each individual would have to inform itself times, possibilities gives it yes enough.

But don't just look at the BILD headlines or the Lanz dorks (for example, Plasberg isn't any better, or all the pseudo-political discussion tamers; reminds me a bit of bread-and-butter games in ancient Rome, hahaha).

Facts and figures.

That's what counts.

And there I see now nevertheless a connection with the headline: who does not make it, is and remains stupid!

(Addition after the 24.02.2022)

This is no Ami-Bashing or Putin-Versteheri; Russia and in particular Putin is to be reproached likewise that geopolitical interests (and those consist now times mostly of economic-political interests) over the well-being of the inhabitants of the eastern states goes.

War means DEATH, misery, DESTRUCTION and must not be a means !!!!

War is to be condemned, on each side !!! With the one who shoots first AND with the one who shoots back, because no one starts a war alone, it always requires 2 sides.


And that is what I accuse all diplomats who were/are somehow involved in this story.