Didn't I tell you?

Oct 2021

Digital Illustration of a Sloth on a Tree

2021 will be just as modest, I had written at the beginning of February, right?

That was obvious, it's logical, we don't even need to talk about it.

With the next excitement - the new mutant - it will be even funnier over the coming winter, when it really gets down to business. As the saying goes: PUT ON YOUR WARM!

Cynically one could say now, but the health system is not threatened by overload - because the COVID patients will not be in intensive care for so long now. Ohohoh. Questionable only, is cynicism or reality.

We are also getting more and more practice in the new working methods such as home-office, webmeetings, cashless payment;

we are also learning that keeping a distance, wearing a mask, showing consideration are actually quite natural [if you want to];

we are increasingly realizing that we now have to live with the virus - or rather with the viruses, there is more than one - PERMANENTLY;

And sooner or later there will hopefully be real remedies and methods against this disease, vaccination as the only blissful truth can't be it, in the long run also much too expensive; apropo, could we also invest in the development of drugs?

The show must go on - so let's concentrate on the future, let's finally make this country fit(ter) for the future, we have now lost long enough time with the "backward blacks of Mutti". It is disruption and my impression is that no one really wants to deal with this concept.

With Disruption everything becomes new/ different/ gone/ added !

No matter if you want !

But Mutti was right about one thing: WE CAN DO IT !

what else ...

says nothing about the aftermath ...

so no matter how, she was right ....  

Move stop!