Nov 2021

A man holding up both his middle fingers

What should we think of it now?

Now that vaccination has been postulated as "without alternative" by politics, the press and all other antisocials, there is a new popular sport:


The rules go as follows:

- at the turn of the quarter, a new group specification is published and named, who are then considered the "good guys" [these are currently the asocials with booster vaccination; who I understand by this below],

- the previous "good guys" are terrified to achieve as much frantic actionism as possible to further drive fear - the idea behind this is just as dumb-ass stupid as this strange spiral regarding market growth,

- the rest, on which all previously mentioned were allowed to hit, spit, shout down, defame and insult, we leave it as the rest - one must always have an asshole in the cupboard, Pispers would say now.

Currently we have 3 German ethnic groups: Unvaccinated, vaccinated and boosted.

Regarding the naming of the new groups in the coming months, bets are still being taken, I'm just thinking about whether to offer a prize.

Let's get back to the ASOCIALS:

- not that I have anything against vaccination
- not that I have something against vaccinated people
- not that I have something against unvaccinated people

BUT I have something against these ASOCIALS, which have already scammed the first vaccination with unfair tricks at the first rush for the vaccination in the winter 2020/2021 and this dose therefore did not go to someone of the - how is it called so nicely - vulnerable groups.

Brazenly, they then lied about being vaccinated in public.

Exactly these ASOCIALS storm now again the vaccination places, in order to be boostered. Afterwards, these ASOCIALS then proudly post their third prick in the social media and do not even notice how antisocial and selfish this is. Those for whom it really makes sense to boost as soon as possible - i.e. nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, cashiers at supermarket checkouts, etc, etc. - are now waiting again due to overcrowded waiting lists caused by these ASOCIALS who want to be boosted quickly now for purely egoistic reasons.

For this they are then rewarded by the Berlin dumbasses "with their freedom"; party, restaurant, shopping, cinema, boozing, whoring, hitting, spitting, shouting down, defaming, insulting.

IGITT, I can only say; is this the solidarity which is demanded?

At the moment, the only thing I can think of is:

- we often discuss about artificial intelligence, but can we maybe start with natural intelligence first?

So long  

PS: Now we have not only the federal Hubertus as minister, who wants to make all entrepreneurship, which is not large-scale industry, away and dead [there one earns just better afterwards in the supervisory board];

Now we also have the federal Karl as a minister, who as the nation's chief idiot will now give the rest to the health care system. ["We'll talk about it again in 2024, you'll see" - your federal oracle].

I migrate then now.