Rethinking your own positioning

Jul 2022

A mighty tree in a field of grass

it becomes gradually clear also the last, that with the climatic change is really no FAAAKKEEE NEEEWWSS.

We've been talking about it long enough now, when we were studying, Professor Trübswetter - a proven expert on rainforests, by the way - said, "Guys, this can't go on, it's not going to work.

That was in the 80s, last century, no, even millennium


40 years, WTF, but WE - and I don't exclude myself at all, on the contrary - have changed nothing. Do we have to state now so dismayed, we have to be held up to us by THE YOUTH. We have always railed against it, THE YOUTH, no longer used to anything, can't stand anything, doesn't want to create anything any more; well, it's just the regular table talk.

So, now we are in a right mess. We can't talk our way out of it anymore, we old farts.


I have been helping to develop and build cars for years. I have also earned well on it. It's going well at the moment, the order situation is great, the outlook is great, the sales prospects are great.

Everything as before.

Well, if it weren't for this constant guilty conscience. And those nagging questions. And the realization. The knowledge.

I can still think of many excuses - such as: these are electric cars now; if I don't do it, someone else will; it's only a few years until I'm a private person; you don't transplant old trees.

Bullshit, isn't it?

The logical thing now would be to draw a line; no more projects in the automotive sector; just as I don't work for the defense industry.

But otherwise my expertise is not in demand.

Or, because I'm a "newcomer" to related topics, I'm not so well paid.

If I simply cancel all the ballast that I permanently carry around with me?

no horrendous fixed costs monthly?

no luxury and consumption, no matter what it costs? I don't even look at it anymore, oh God, let go of the shock.

Somewhere away some garden, small to smallest house, there where warm even in winter;

People are getting more and more on my nerves anyway.

Hmm, why not actually?

Who is coming along?