desolate and overestimated

May 2023

At the moment, I am a little frustrated when I look at the developments.

I saw a statistic the other day about the skills of young people in our country, the basic skills in writing, reading and arithmetic. The age group was - if I remember correctly - from 16 - 29 years, of which 23% do not have these basic skills. 30th place internationally.

We are not even mediocre anymore, we have become accustomed to this state of affairs, no one bothers anymore.

For years I have been constantly warning about this, because the trend is what should wake everyone up. Everyone understands when I explain that the development - to stay with school grades from the German system - from a mediocre 4 to a good 2 is something different than the change from a good 2 to a mediocre 4.

And honestly, every 4th person cannot write, read or calculate properly - that is desolate.

In health care, the picture is no different; in our country, the opinion prevails that we have one of the best health care systems in the world and the others would be happy if they had all these great possibilities.

Hopelessly overestimated.

I have had an appointment with my cardiologist since this week - yes, I have been there before and I am not a new patient; again, this distinction alone speaks volumes. We have May 03, 2023 and my appointment is July 2024 !

Today briefly to a check at my family doctor been, they are just desperately trying to establish digitization for the group practice. Via an app via smartphone I got an appointment - even at short notice for the following day, what a miracle -, whereby the app told me that I can not make an appointment for an examination / emergency at all, for the consultation I could already. Here in Germany, there is still some work to be done, which is already common practice in other countries.

But at least there are these appointments every 10 minutes! So dear patient, now it has to be clear to you how much effort is justified for you. By the way, the next free appointment would have been at the beginning of June, i.e. in one month. I was lucky that someone else had cancelled.

When our son was infected with dengue fever, I was glad afterwards that he was not treated here in Germany, otherwise he would no longer be alive, I am more than sure.