The downfall

Nov 2022

A digital Illustration of the rough sea, with a crashing wave on the left and a skeleton on the right

if a thing sinks, this can be for example a boat, a ship

or a stone or a living being in a liquid, let's say in the lake or sea.

these things are then not gone, but let's say no longer "in use",

they are now there at the bottom of the water, the sea.

If a culture sinks, like e.g. at that time the Greek/ Roman/ Egyptian:

is it then gone completely, or still there only no longer "in use"?

if a knowledge or ability perishes, what is then with it?

if the decent togetherness "perishes" - to be found in the social media or platforms, by the way: are these still SOCIAL platforms or already ASOCIAL? -, this can re-emerge (nice - pun).

Change can happen so fast and disruption is ad hoc:

The Greens Party were a protest party - in my younger years there were the protests against the Pershing missiles right next door here on the Hunsrück heights, I still remember them well - and then established themselves as a party.

Over the years, the Green Party "socialized", became established and visibly lost their original profile.

And now - this is what I call disruption - the anti-war party is becoming a pro-war party, nuclear power is becoming socially acceptable, a green prime minister is crying "Help, our automobile industry is having such a hard time! Brussels must help before the world ends!" (okay, exaggerated, BUT only slightly).

from convinced, uncomfortable, warning pacifists and environmentalists

the change to

reactionary, brown-assertive, opportunistic war fetishists and industrialists.

And nobody notices or has a problem with it.

(They must have sat together with the FDPers for too long and learned there how to get a nice lobby or supervisory board position after their political career; the yellow bombshell Marie shows how it's done; okay, they can learn it from the blacks partytoo).

This is how the downfall of the Green Party went.

But it's not gone, it's still there → The Last Generation is just helping to emerge.

Hope germinates.

Our youth is not as stupid as us old people!