Is one allowed to? - That one may?

Sep 2022

An Iphone with a picture of a thinking smiley

Is this becoming more and more or do I just feel it?

Stupidity, ignorance, decadent cluelessness increasingly surrounds me, I have the feeling.

It gets on my nerves more and more. It bothers me and I don't feel like being politically correct anymore.

Do I have to be politically correct?

Also with complete idiots, flat whistles, dumb bags, brain amputated, assholes, ....

oh, I could go on like this for hours, somehow it feels good to let off some steam.

The young people are right when they hit it and leave out this stupid correctness, which is mostly proclaimed and demanded by the fools.

Just because I am older? Because I have more experience?

by the way: Experience is the sum of the self-made mistakes; Attention therefore, if you assert the next time, that you have much experience, you doofus.

That doesn't mean anything and if we are already in disruptive times - who would want to deny that - then it must be clear that experience is then worth nothing.

Straightforward and direct, that's how I will answer and formulate in the future; and all the oh so great and hip know-it-alls and smart alecks can get as upset as they want.

I do not care.

Anyone who talks shit will be dissed and paraded.

Changes nothing at all to the steam chatterers and Dünnpfiff-Verzapfern, but I feel better.


The misery of the world is,
because the stupid ones are always so full of self-confidence
and the smart ones so full of self-doubt?