March 2024

Well, my guesses/ predictions/ forecasts - no matter what we call them - are becoming increasingly real.

In addition to the heavy war equipment supplied, warplanes will soon be flying and then it won't be long before our young people are marching to the front in smart uniforms and in step. As already oracled in an earlier blog: in 2025 at the latest. NO, I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT!

There are already enough supporters (I would prefer to call them warmongers) in our country. Bomben-Marie sends her regards, forget §26 of the Basic Law and the reason for this paragraph.

Basically, I understand the concern that the Russian aggressor Putin will not stand behind Odessa. In principle, I understand the concerns of the Baltic states and Finland. In principle, I understand the need for defence and "supposed" deterrence. However, this does not mean that diplomacy no longer exists or can no longer exist.

But if the war rhetoric is now also increasing on the political terrain and the verbal battles are increasingly making a peaceful solution impossible, then I doubt the voices that want to prevent NATO involvement at all costs. An escalation and an entry of NATO into the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is therefore more and more likely, I would say almost inevitable, because it is wanted by the actors. Any denial is window-dressing, blinding and a farce.

I recently took a look at the list of armed conflicts in Europe or with European states over the last 300 years: it's frightening how much war and violence there has been. On the other hand, the last 70 years have been relatively calm and the probabilities therefore tend to favour an end to the peaceful period.

So let's try to find solutions without violence and through peaceful compromise.

That is my appeal.