On to new shores

Jan 2022

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Disruption means simply only DISTURBANCE

maybe also destruction or interruption or shock ?

That depends on the viewer, on the context and context, perhaps also on the emotional state of the day.

I connect it quite simply with ...              

                 .....   IT WILL BE DIFFERENT

That's also good, because a lot of things have to change - whether that will be for the better, we'll see then (nothing else remains for us)!

The technology freak is happy, new technologies and inventions cross his path and he can try them out, test them, use them, brag about them or just nerdily realize that it works.

As at Christmas, the new toys but does not last long, so he is just


The preservationist gets scared again, because he just got used to the Internet and learned to use it (he thinks); okay, it's been a while now, considering that I've been practicing homebanking since the early 90s (yes, back then in the last millennium).

The preserver will now refuse to apply the new, let alone accept it as a solution, according to good old tradition and practiced practice with sophisticated (pseudo) argumentation, well, that's just how he is


Many things must change

- our togetherness
- our self-image
- our speed

The dilemma with DISRUPTION is the speed!

The speed of change, because it is immediate, abrupt, instantaneous.


- The floodplain forests and many hedges were cut down and destroyed in the course of land consolidation (one of the great crimes of past days), so that gradually by soil erosion the landscape has changed. This happened very slowly and unhurriedly.

- The flooding of the Ahr valley by continuous rain and the change of the beautiful Ahr valley landscape happened within hours.

We have to adapt to the speed of change and keep up with it, otherwise that's it. Unfortunately, far too few people are aware of this. What our parents and grandparents experienced in terms of changes within their lifetime - and they were no less - now takes place within a few years. I'm just saying, so don't blather against it, get real about it.

The dilemma with disruption is also self-understanding!

It is then no longer self-evident, because it is OTHER.

We still believe that we live in a great country, superior to all (okay, most), Made in Germany, with all the great engineers and technicians, and everything is so much better than elsewhere.

Wake up, really now.


- In our county, medical care is simply a horror, bad, bureaucratic, impersonal, overloaded, full of stressed and demotivated medical staff. In the whole district there are 2 hospitals (still). And we call that great and superior?

- The son lives on Koh Phangan, a small island in Thailand and there are 4 hospitals. And they are really good, he told us. He has the comparison. He would rather be treated there than here.

So, now come again those who say: yes, is just there the exception and so you can not compare it at all and blablabla.

He would also do this in New Zealand, in Australia, in Malaysia, in Canada, in Costa Rica; he also has the comparison there.

Can we finally understand that we are since minimum 2 decades (so my observation) on nem descending branch. As an old mathematician, I look at the trend, well and there it does not look rosy. Like in school, right? The school mark 3 is to be evaluated just differently, if I was before on a 1 or a 5, correct? Got it?

Stop talking about it more beautifully than it is and change it!  

The cooperation is also such a dilemma with disruption!

Due to the speed problem and also the self-image and knowledge problem, we also have a communication and togetherness problem.

It's no longer possible to discuss everything twice and three times as ponderously as before, to make a fundamental discussion out of every topic. In particular we "old ones" should take ourselves finally times back and not so precociously daherschwätzen.

Repeatedly I had the discussions with comfortable get-together or meetings with friends that there were to statements concerning the youth - times apart from the fact that there is not "the youth" at all, no matter. There was then swaggered that the youth knows nothing more and can, that the youth is no longer resilient and lazy, etc, etc.. I think everyone knows this "regulars' table chatter" from his environment. When I asked who raised and educated this "youth", they always changed the subject immediately, after the first astonished and surprised look.

By the way: I do not let anything, but also nothing at all come on our "youth". There are very intelligent, qualified and reflective people among them, for whom I take my hat off and have great respect. And let's be honest: lazy, stupid, disloyal, arrogant, brazen, egoistic, whatever, there are in every generation.

So, enough digressing, but I have to clarify.

Because ...

we can no longer build on what already exists, if it comes along disruptively!

we have ZERO experience, if it comes along disruptively!

we have to think and act together when it comes along disruptively!

First of all, we should use the time now to prepare ourselves; to prepare what it could mean; to play through scenarios in our heads, how it would be; to simply negate and/or question limits and existing things.

It's a good exercise.


   - Private ownership of cars is forbidden !‍