a trip into the unknown

October 2023

Ukraine vs Russia - Israel vs Hamas - Serbia vs Kosovo

USA vs China - Europe vs Russia

liberal vs reactionary - liberal vs hegemonic - democratic vs totalitarian

Things are changing at the moment:

Parties that adhere to a totalitarian world of ideas are becoming "socially acceptable" even in Germany (the masked Nazi's are elected again out of conviction; if these morons would at least read their election program and plans),

a brutalization of society and increasingly "American" conditions (here in particular is meant US-American)

lack of discipline, lack of enforcement of existing law and order, intolerance, subtle methods of "opinion restriction".

It is no longer the desirable Germany, the livable Europe we knew.

But what to do? (said Zeus, the gods are drunk)

to run away, to emigrate, to retreat into a secluded area would be potential solutions now; but also to arm oneself and defend oneself, to strike immediately and destroy the opponent at any slightest dissonance; or to trust in the rule of law and book a super great legal protection insurance (is probably the most German of all reactions).

Difficult to answer and to decide. Especially for the currently young people, we old people can be more relaxed and hope to live the few years in peace (although I do not think so; so a gut feeling tells me with the "overall weather situation": there will soon be real war, worldwide).

Subjectively, okay.

I would have just once at least not right.