2021 - The next challenge

Feb 2021

Digital Illustration of a group of different people

Well, folks ...

2020 was a sh... year for many; that's what they all say.

I say 2020 was just the beginning, the ramp-up!

2021 is going to be a huge sh... year, just wait and see.

We won't get a grip on the pandemic as quickly as the supposed experts and politicians would have us believe; we won't feel the full economic consequences until this year - I'll just mention the wave of insolvencies - and the resulting reluctance to invest and consume; there will be riots, because the vaccines will not reach the poor countries and/or cannot be paid there; the next giant financial bubble will burst and then all oh so system-reaved multinationals will have to be rescued again - and people, I predict one thing; the financial crisis of 2008/2009 was a child's birthday compared to it.

What are we supposed to do now, everybody is crying now, so that I can save my own ass somehow - MIMIMI.


You can't do anything!

We had to go through it as best we could.

Good courage and good luck.