März 2023

The safety engineer's job is never done,
For risks and dangers are never gone.
Through diligence and careful design,
They ensure safety is always in line.
Their expertise is a true necessity,
Protecting lives with unwavering consistency.
Their work may go unnoticed, but we must not forget,
They keep us safe, every day and night, without regret.

(ChatGPT 3.5 16.03.2023)

With keen attention to detail and care,
The safety engineer's job is beyond compare.
They assess and mitigate risks with skill,
Ensuring that safety remains the ultimate thrill.
Their expertise in design and analysis,
Is essential for systems that we can trust.
The safety engineer, a hero of our age,
Their work ensuring safety on life's stage.

(ChatGPT 3.5 16.03.2023)

amazing, isn´t it?